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    1.   南京衍勝電子有限公司成立于2006年,是一家致力于SMT代加工的企業。公司自成立以來,先后從日本松下購進了國際先進的


        目前公司擁有員工 100 余人;技術骨干15余人,我們是一個有技術,有思想的管理團隊。 以技術創新為公司持續發展的核心競爭力,發揚持久雙贏的合作精神,通過自身不懈努力,逐步完善市場、生產和管理等體系。



      Nanjing Yansheng Electronics Co.,LTD was set up in 2006. Since the establishment we all concentrate on SMT OEM. We have advanced equipments such as screen printer, chip mounter, reflow oven, wave soldering bought from Japan,and AOI optical detector, spectrum detection equipment bought from Taiwan.

      At present we have more than 100 employees including technical experts over 15. In order to improve the market system and production management system, we go in for technical innovations,teamwork spirit and unremitting efforts. We can provide for customers the best SMT solutions based on our advanced technology and quality management.

      We have obtained positive feedback from our clients because we have crisis sense and put the reliability of product in the first place. Now our business is all over China.

      For development and serving clients we believe that virtue all over the world and aim at sciences technology.

      We all thank for our clients’s support and belief. Thank you!